Re: Automount using LDAP on Fedora Core 5

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On Wed, 16 Aug 2023 20:41:06 +0200 Souji Thenria via users wrote:

> I have a rather odd question: Can anyone help me get automount version
> 4.1.4-33 to work with LDAP on a Fedora Core Release 5?

> So far, automount has worked for every machine I have migrated. However,
> when I migrated the Fedora Core 5 box, I could not get the autofs daemon to
> work.  This seems odd to me because on another (older) machine, automount
> works in conjunction with pam_ldap in version 4.1.3-238.

> Also, running "/usr/lib/autofs/autofs-ldap-auto-master" shows all the
> correct keys from the auto.master map. However, trying to access a share
> just results in a log message saying "failed to mount /some/mount".
> Looking at the LDAP server logs, I can see that the master map and its
> keys are requested, but there are no follow-up requests for the other
> maps.

> It looks to me like I am either missing some crucial configuration or
> there is a bug in this version. As I could not find anything for the
> latter, I suspect some configuration might be wrong or missing.

I looked at the 4.1.4-33 version of /etc/init.d/autofs.

It uses autofs-ldap-auto-master to get the master map, and then calls an
automount process with each map found.

This list of automount commands is shown by "/etc/init.d/autofs status".

Can you compare this status on the two boxes (4.1.3 and 4.1.4) ?

Since you don't see requests for those maps in the LDAP server logs, those
commands are perhaps wrongly generated.

You can also add verbose and debug options in /etc/sysconfig/autofs:

DAEMONOPTIONS="--timeout=60 --verbose --debug"

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