Upgraded machine to Fedora 38 and now suspending after 15 minues??

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Have 4 machines that are headless machines.
Boot up, and have VNC run to allow access using XFCE sessions.

After upgrading the one to Fedora 38, have the machine going off 
after 15 minutes since no user is logged in locally to machine??

Found a page that mentions these options.

sudo -u gdm dbus-run-session gsettings list-recursively 
org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power | grep sleep

sudo -u gdm dbus-run-session gsettings set 
sleep-inactive-ac-timeout 0

But after doing it on machine with VNC session, it still was 
shutting off since vnc is running XFCE?

Hooked up monitor, and logged in using gnome, and went in power 
options and it seemed to show and auto suspend option and turned 
it off. See if that keeps it up, but there was a not on site that if all 
users logged out, machines would go back to 15 minute suspend??

Hasn't been 15 minutes? So not sure if logging in with gnome and 
turning off the suspend will keep it up.

This was my backup machine that doesn't have anything other than 
BOINC running on it, but others have web, mariadb and other 
things running so shutting down after 15 minutes is a NO GO...

Is there a best way to correct this?
Installing lightdm maybe and disabling the gdm completely.

Thanks. This is a major issue for my setup.

 Michael D. Setzer II - Computer Science Instructor (Retired)     
 Guam - Where America's Day Begins                        
 G4L Disk Imaging Project maintainer 

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