Re: Automount using LDAP on Fedora Core 5

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On 19.08.2023 17:49, Francis.Montagnac@xxxxxxxx wrote:
I looked at the 4.1.4-33 version of /etc/init.d/autofs.

It uses autofs-ldap-auto-master to get the master map, and then calls an
automount process with each map found.

This list of automount commands is shown by "/etc/init.d/autofs status".

Can you compare this status on the two boxes (4.1.3 and 4.1.4) ?

Since you don't see requests for those maps in the LDAP server logs, those
commands are perhaps wrongly generated.

You can also add verbose and debug options in /etc/sysconfig/autofs:

DAEMONOPTIONS="--timeout=60 --verbose --debug"

Hi Francis,

Thanks for your reply and sorry it took me a while to reply.

I compared the status output from both versions and noticed that the map type displayed by the 4.1.4 version is "yp" (NIS). It seems that it does not recognise that these maps are distributed via LDAP.

I looked at both init.d scripts and noticed that in version 4.1.4 the maptype cannot be set to LDAP. There is this if-else statement that determines the map type and it always defaults to "yp". There does not even seem to be an option for the LDAP type:

# Handle degenerate map specifiers
if [ "$maptype" = "$map" ] ; then
    if [ "$map" = "hesiod" -o "$map" = "userhome" ] ; then
    elif [ "$map" = "multi" ] ; then
    # elif echo "$map" | grep -q '^!'; then
    #     map=`echo "$map"| sed -e 's/^!//g'`
    elif `echo $map | grep -q "^/"` && [ -x "$map" ]; then
    elif [ -x "/etc/$map" ]; then
        map=`echo /etc/$map | sed 's^//^/^g'`
    elif `echo $map | grep -q "^/"` && [ -f "$map" ]; then
    elif [ -f "/etc/$map" ]; then
        map=`echo /etc/$map | sed 's^//^/^g'`
        if [ "$UNDERSCORETODOT" = "1" ] ; then
            map=`basename $map | sed -e s/^auto_/auto./`
            map=`basename $map | sed 's^//^/^g'`
map=`echo $map | cut -f2- -d:`

For comparison, version 4.1.3 uses "/usr/lib/autofs/nsswitch" to determine the location of the maps, but this binary does not exist in the newer version.

Souji Thenria
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