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Now that pveclib <https://munroesj52.github.io/> is safely integrated as a Fedora package and Fedora 31 is released, I though it was time to offer my expertise to package developers doing vector code.

In a previous life I learned a lot about the PowerISA and as the initial contributor of GCC's PowerPC implementation of the Intel (tm) vector intrinsic headers and as the primary implementer of pveclib, I learned a lot about the differences, similarities, and generally how GCC behaves when compiling vector codes and intrinsics.

This was documented in the"

Linux on Power Porting Guide: Vector Intrinsics


And continues with the implementation of pveclib and associated documentation.

If this is of interest or you have issues, problems, questions about the best, good, practical approaches to vector programing for you package, Sent me a note and I will try to answer.

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