[Scitech] Re: How to create octave packages to allow "pkg load" to beaware of dependencies?

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Hmm, that's what I get for trying to answer this from memory...

Okay, the packages are not auto loaded.

pkg load does appear to load dependent packages, assuming that they are installed (hence the need for proper Requires).

On 10/10/19 10:36 PM, Qianqian Fang wrote:
Hi Orion

Thanks for the comments.

Did you mean the packages created by those rpm macros are supposed to be autoloaded when starting octave? Strangely, when I tested all the 4 toolboxes I recently packaged, they are not autoloaded. For example, after installing octave-jnifti or octave-zmat (both in updates-testing repo)





I can not call the functions in these toolboxes unless I manually call pkg load. Did I miss anything in the spec file?



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On 10/10/19 9:27 PM, Qianqian Fang wrote:

 > Dear list,


 > I am packaging a few octave toolboxes for Fedora. Some of the toolboxes

 > have a dependency to other toolboxes.


 > On the rpm package level, I can use *Requires* to ask rpm to install

 > these dependent modules, but when running Octave, the *pkg load* command

 > is not aware of the dependent toolboxes and automatically load them.


 > I would like to know if anyone know if pkg is capable of loading

 > dependent toolboxes? if yes, what file I should create to tell pkg such

 > information? because the spec file uses the

 > *%octave_pkg_{build,install,preun}* macros to create toolbox packages, I

 > am wondering if adding dependency info is supported by these macros (and

 > how).

Fedora octave rpm packages are configured to be auto-loaded by octave.

I'm not sure how "pkg" itself handles package dependencies.  The

%octave_pkg_* macros do not do anything with regards to dependencies.

All dependencies are specified via BuildRequires/Requires.

That's about as much as I can say without any specific examples of any

problems you may be seeing.




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Orion Poplawski
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NWRA, Boulder/CoRA Office             FAX: 303-415-9702
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