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[Posting, as this may be of general interest.]

Steven Munroe <munroesj52@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Now that pveclib <https://munroesj52.github.io/> is safely integrated as a
> Fedora package and Fedora 31 is released, I though it was time to offer my
> expertise to package developers doing vector code.

Thanks.  One possibility is the BLIS linear algebra library.  It
provides a BLAS interface, with which I guess means something if you do
SIMD implementation.  It currently has sub-optimal support on ppc64le,
since it uses generic C, not tuned code.  (GCC does vectorize the C --
despite the continuing doubts of the developers! -- but I don't
currently have access to POWER9 for measurements to find out how it
actually performs.)  IBM were supposed to be contributing a tuned
implementation, but that hasn't appeared, so I assume one would be
welcome.  There's a single micro-kernel to implement at a minimum,
though it might need separate ones for POWER 8 and 9.

The project home is https://github.com/flame/blis.  Un-merged code to
dispatch dynamically on POWER micro-architecture is under
https://github.com/flame/blis/pull/345 but isn't necessary.

[Reasons to prefer BLIS over OpenBLAS generally are support for AVX512
on x86_64 and potentially better threaded performance
However, lack of dynamic micro-architecture selection for POWER and ARM
in the current release is a drawback, and OpenBLAS has more hand-tuning
of various operations that probably help some applications.]
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