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Andreas Tille <andreas@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi,
> regarding tophat I would like to mention that in Debian we had some
> trouble to build it with latest seqan library.  This was solved recently
> and patches are forwarded upstream (and available in Debian packaging
> repository - feel free to ping me for more advise if you have no clue
> how to find this).

That was the problem with the recent fedora seqan packaging.  I used the
bundled version, but I'll check the Debian changes, which weren't there
when I looked originally.  Thanks for the info.

> I'd welcome better contact between Fedora scitech and Debian Med
> (debian-med@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and Debian Science
> (debian-science@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

For what it's worth, if I have something non-trivial to package -- which
I try to do with everything free-ish that's installed on our cluster --
I look for Debian packaging to start with (and possibly OpenSuSE
science, but a lot of that isn't too clean).  I'm typing this at a
Debian desktop...
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