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regarding tophat I would like to mention that in Debian we had some
trouble to build it with latest seqan library.  This was solved recently
and patches are forwarded upstream (and available in Debian packaging
repository - feel free to ping me for more advise if you have no clue
how to find this).

Cufflinks is packaged for Debian as well.  If you would like to see a
full overview about software useful in life sciences in Debian where you
can sneak into the packaging for patches (links to the packaging
repository are given in the metainformation of these pages) feel free to
have a look here:

I'd welcome better contact between Fedora scitech and Debian Med
(debian-med@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and Debian Science

Kind regards


On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 09:14:41AM +0800, Christopher Meng wrote:
> Hi Liu,
> These 2 are not in the repo IIRC, tophat is already in my local repo but
> the latter one you mentioned is not. I recently started packaging NLP/RNA
> softwares, if possible I can notify you when I'm ready.
> Thanks.

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