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Em 24 de abril de 2012 16:25, Jerry James <loganjerry@xxxxxxxxx> escreveu:
> Welcome!

  Thanks :-)

> 2012/4/24 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
> <>:
>>  I would like to contribute to SciTech SIG. I notice there is
>>, and actually, I have
>> packaged sagemath in Mandriva, and kept the package functional and updated
>> to latest upstream for around 3 years.
>>  Sagemath itself depends on roughly 300 different upstream packages, and
>> other packages I would like to contribute at some point is salome, that
>> I also packaged in Mandriva, Currently it
>> is not functional in Mandriva cooker but should be in released versions,
>> I got a hacked workaround described at
> Note that the wiki page doesn't really describe the current state of
> Sage packaging in Fedora.  After I sent multiple unanswered emails on
> the subject to the scitech list, I made my own page to track progress:
> I update it about once per month.  I've run into so many license
> problems while working on Sage components that I wonder how you ever
> came up with a coherent set of packages for Mandriva.  Perhaps you
> excluded the components I've had trouble with.  Anyhow, help packaging

  I have a few "Suggests" in sagemath.spec for packages I added to
non-free, but I packaged only what is required to run "sage -testall"
plus a few extra optional packages, and run the optional tests as well.

  But I would not be surprised if there are some packages with not
truly open source license, or unmet special conditions; but they
are only available from "contrib" mirrors, and upstream tags them
as GPL, BSD, etc, but I did not fool proof read every license...

> the remaining components would be most welcome.

  Major problem should be integration of all components. There
are few cases where it is required some patch to a package
that is not only a sagemath requires. Most intrusive AFAIR
are ntl patches.

  Some components really require a specific version, what may not
be easy to achieve either, but so far, for Mandriva besides a
PYTHONPATH with several patched components, for sagemath 4.8,
most notably is use of a custom cython and ipython. Should work with
current system cython, but that depends on the stage of the moon
(if cython is updated) :-), there is only one binary in PYTHONPATH
( that I have been carrying for quite some time,
and generating it by doing a build of python in sagemath build.

  Sometimes some problems are very specific to the package, what may
be hard to track, like this one
or some other earlier related issues with sympy having its own copy
of mpmath, and then having conflicting modules loaded.

> Regards,
> --
> Jerry James
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