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  I made a first contribution package for xedit, that happens to be the
text editor I use for most tasks :-) see

  I would like to contribute to SciTech SIG. I notice there is, and actually, I have
packaged sagemath in Mandriva, and kept the package functional and updated
to latest upstream for around 3 years.

  Sagemath itself depends on roughly 300 different upstream packages, and
other packages I would like to contribute at some point is salome, that
I also packaged in Mandriva, Currently it
is not functional in Mandriva cooker but should be in released versions,
I got a hacked workaround described at

  Other large "scientific" system I package is texlive, that I made several
perl and sh scripts that allows translating texlive package management
control files, etc to rpm specs, so that can keep up to date with latest
TeX Live. This is a very large set of packages, due to matching 1 to 1 with
texlive, e.g.:

$ urpmq -a texlive- | sort -u | wc -l

  There is already such a texlive packaging schema for fedora described
at so I should at least be
able to help a bit :-)

  I understand that there is plenty of bureaucracy to get packages in the
distro, and do not expect them to be "core" packages, but expect them to
be unsupported, contrib packages.

  Most important packages I maintain in Mandriva should be gcc, glibc,
valgrind and java-1.*.0-openjdk.

  Note that I am a Mandriva employee and my major interest is to become
more aware of how Fedora works, so, I want to contribute like I did with
several other projects in the past, that is, after work at home and/or

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