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2012/4/24 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
>  I would like to contribute to SciTech SIG. I notice there is
>, and actually, I have
> packaged sagemath in Mandriva, and kept the package functional and updated
> to latest upstream for around 3 years.
>  Sagemath itself depends on roughly 300 different upstream packages, and
> other packages I would like to contribute at some point is salome, that
> I also packaged in Mandriva, Currently it
> is not functional in Mandriva cooker but should be in released versions,
> I got a hacked workaround described at

Note that the wiki page doesn't really describe the current state of
Sage packaging in Fedora.  After I sent multiple unanswered emails on
the subject to the scitech list, I made my own page to track progress:

I update it about once per month.  I've run into so many license
problems while working on Sage components that I wonder how you ever
came up with a coherent set of packages for Mandriva.  Perhaps you
excluded the components I've had trouble with.  Anyhow, help packaging
the remaining components would be most welcome.

Jerry James
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