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On 07/23/2011 02:09 PM, Amit Saha wrote:
> Hi everyone:
> On Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 1:03 PM, Amit Saha<droidery@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>> Hello everyone:
>> I wanted to bring to your attention my efforts at creating a Fedora
>> Scientific Spin [1]. I have put in the spin page [2] some of my goals,
>> the reasons of the packages I have selected and the current state of
>> the project.
>> Reproducing from there:
>> This spin will be based on the Fedora desktop spin. In addition, a
>> number of tools and libraries for scientific research is included. I
>> have decided upon the current set of applications based on my own
>> experience and some discussions on mailing lists, notably the Canberra
>> Linux Users Group.
>> The current set of packages include a IDE, tools and libraries for
>> programming in C, C++, Python, Java and R. Also included alongwith are
>> libraries for parallel computing such as the OpenMPI and OpenMP. Tools
>> for typesetting, writing and publishing are included. Scientific
>> computing libraries and tools such as the GNU Scientific Library,
>> SciPy, Octave, Maxima are also shipped in this spin.
>> The current set of packages are provided from the Fedora 15 repository
>> for my tests and the ISO stands at ~1.6 Gigs. I am currently using it
>> on my Desktop and after installation takes about ~6 gigs of disk
>> space. Since Fedora 15 is stable, so is Fedora Scientific!
>> (NB: As of now, the Rawhide repository is far from being stable and I
>> hence I have refrained from using it for my testing.)
>> Like I have pointed out in the spin page, I want this spin to be under
>> the umbrella of the SciTech SIG and hence invite all of you to kindly
>> make your suggestions/comments.
>> I shall keep the list updated on the progress of this effort,
>> specially the outcome of the spin wrangling process.
>> [1]
>> [2]
> To add to my previous email, I have sought the kind services of the
> Fedora design team to create a logo
> for the spin. You can see the current efforts and discussions at
> It would be great to have your ideas on the current logo.
> Also, do post your comments/suggestions on the discussion page at

Some more updates:

- I just included a number of new packages in this spin based on the 
feedback from some community members and private discussions

- I haven't yet had any notification from the spin wrangler as to the 
acceptance of this spin for F16

- Since F16 has been branched, I am using the F16 release repos instead 
of the F15 ones.

The kickstart file is at [1] and the spin page at [2]. The discussions 
page is at [3]

I was also wondering whether to make it GNOME/KDE/XFCE. I am personally 
a GNOME 3 fan. However, I am not sure whether KDE might be a better idea 
or all three?




I will look forward to any updates/suggestions.


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