Inching towards SAGE

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Hello all,

In spite of the complete lack of replies to my previous messages, I'm
going to continue sending email here from time to time, in the hope
that somebody may be interested some day.  The wiki page for SAGE:

is so out of date that I threw together a table of my own to help me
keep track of what has been done, and what remains to be done.  It is

If you have information that is missing from that page, please pass it
along.  Given sufficient interest, I can migrate some or all of that
information to the wiki.  If I'm the only person in the world looking
at it, though, I might as well keep the information on a web page I
can edit easily.

On that web page, the Notes column indicates a few packages with open
review requests, and a few with "test packages".  The latter are
attempts at building an RPM, but with something about them that makes
me feel a bit nervous.  The GAP package, for example, shoves the
actual binary down into a subdirectory of /usr/share, with a script in
/usr/bin to invoke it.  I don't like that, but haven't gone to the
trouble of figuring out what surgery is necessary.  Anyway, any
thoughts on improving the "test packages" are also very welcome.

Jerry James
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