Assistance with SSH Key Integration with KDE Wallet

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Dear Fedora KDE team,

I am reaching out for assistance with an issue I'm encountering regarding the storage of SSH key passwords in the KDE Wallet. I have set up my environment to prompt for my SSH key password using a graphical dialog, but I am facing difficulties with having the password stored or reused by KDE Wallet.

  1. Configuration Details: I have configured my system by setting the SSH_ASKPASS and SSH_ASKPASS_REQUIRE environment variables in ~/.config/environment.d/ssh_askpass.conf with the following contents
    This setup successfully triggers a dialog box asking for my SSH key password.

  2. Issue: Although the dialog appears and allows me to enter my password, it does not store the password in the KDE Wallet, nor does it seem to retrieve or use any stored passwords from there.

  3. Current Workaround: Currently, the only method that results in the desired behavior is by exporting these variables directly in a terminal session, which is not ideal for system-wide or automated use.

  4. Question: Could you provide guidance on how this integration is supposed to function? Specifically, I am looking to understand the correct setup to ensure that SSH passwords are both stored in and retrieved from the KDE Wallet seamlessly.

I appreciate any documentation, tips, or personal experiences you could share regarding this matter. Thank you very much for your support and for the contributions you make to the Fedora KDE community.

Best regards,


Lukáš Růžička


Red Hat

Purkyňova 115

612 45 Brno - Královo Pole


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