Re: Assistance with SSH Key Integration with KDE Wallet

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> On 9 May 2024, at 14:08, Lukas Ruzicka <lruzicka@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Current Workaround: Currently, the only method that results in the desired behavior is by exporting these variables directly in a terminal session, which is not ideal for system-wide or automated use.

Are you reporting that the env var are not setup from
~/.config/environment.d/ssh_askpass.conf ?

I set the env vars in my .bash_profile and ksshaskpass works for me.

I also load my keys into ssh agent on login as a start task.
I use the line

     ssh-add path-of-key </dev/null

The use of /dev/null is important to force the ask program to run.

On first use i was prompted to fill in the passphrase and layer logins no prompt as the passphrase to read from the wallet.


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