Re: Can't add an Autostart login script - SOLVED

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On Tue, 2022-06-07 at 22:35 +0000, John Horne wrote:
> > KDE 21.12.22
> > Plasma 5.24.5
> > Frameworks 5.93.0
> > 
> > Checked again, and it's definitely happening. I can add an
> > application,
> > but not a script. It disappears even if I switch to another
> > settings
> > tab and back again.
> > 
> Likewise just tried this... and it worked fine. The script stays in
> the system
> settings.
> Does a relevant desktop file get created in your ~/.config/autostart
> directory?
> No idea about the script disappearing from your settings, but I have
> noticed
> that if I set the script permissions to 755 (or similar; so long as
> the owner
> has the 'x' permission set), then the script works fine upon log in.
> (I used a
> simple script that 'echo'ed some text to a file in the home
> directory.) I
> didn't not have to mark it as executable in the system settings.
> But, if I create a script and leave the permissions as 644, then it
> does not
> run upon log in. Even if I set it as executable in the system
> settings, it does
> not run. Checking the script permissions directly shows them as still
> 644. (In
> the light of that I'm not sure what the executable tick-box in the
> system
> settings is supposed to do.)

I figured it out. The script was trying to add was a "dot file", i.e.
had a period as the first character in the name. Even though the
dialogue didn't object, it either didn't create the item or couldn't
see it once it had been created, and the KDE login process couldn't see
it either.

Once I changed the name, it worked.

This means that you can't use (say) a Shell .profile or .bash_login for
this function, which is what I was trying to do. Doesn't matter in this
case but I'll report it as a bug if I manage to figure out what
component to report against.

The "executable" button may be another bug. I didn't look into that but
just changed the mode on the script manually.

Thanks for your help.

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