Re: F34 - what happened to Switch User?

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On 5/3/21 3:00 PM, Neal Gompa wrote:
Fast user switching has been increasingly broken over the past few
Fedora releases, and during Fedora Linux 34 development, it reached a
point where it caused a nearly unfixable release blocking bug
(rhbz#1929643). We have temporarily disabled the feature by default
until upstream has resolved the issue.

If you wish to enable it again (at your own risk!), you may do so by
adding the following to "~/.config/kdeglobals":

[KDE Action Restrictions]

well, thanks a lot for info! i just upgraded the family desktop and i was pretty pissed by
the lack of this functionality ...
so far is working without problems (plasma-x11) but it't true that i have 2 customizations:
1. i never start another session for the same user (i did not find a way yet to block this from the os)
2. all users have their own TMPDIR KDETMP and KDEVARTMP


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