Fedora 34 - plasma/wayland - konsole problems

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I updated my laptop from Fedora 33 to Fedora 34 at the weekend. Generally no
problems, and using plasma/wayland was not too bad. Sound seems to work fine
with pipewire - tested with Zoom, Teams and Amarok.

I found that the KDE 'saved sessions' wasn't working, but I gather that is
being worked on.

However, I have noticed some things with 'Konsole' which I cannot seem to
resolve. The below issues all work fine using plasma/X11 (under F33 and F34).
The issues are:

1) Konsole seems to have a thick black 'frame' around each window. This occurs
when using my laptop with the docking station, but oddly does not occur when
using the laptop as-is. I did find 'Konsole configuration -> Process and window
- Remove window titlebar and frame'. This removes the black frame, but also
removes the titlebar which I do not want to do.

2) In the 'System settings -> Window management -> Window behaviour -> Titlebar
actions (tab)' I have set the 'Maximise Button Actions' so that a middle click
will vertically maximise, and a right click will horizontally maximise the
window. Now, this works fine with firefox and (gnome) evolution, but does
nothing with Konsole. A shame as I use these two options quite a bit. Again, it
works under Plasma/X11.

3) Any idea how to set mouse buttons with wayland? When using my laptop with
the docking station, I have a (2 button) Logitech MX mouse. With plasma/X11 I
set the mouse buttons using the 'xmodmap -e pointer...' command. The mouse
settings allow me to use the centre mouse wheel for copy/paste functions -
again, used a lot with Konsole. I have installed xmodmap as it seems to be a
separate package, but under wayland it doesn't seem to do anything
(understandable I suppose since it isn't X11!).

Anyone any ideas about the above? I will carry on looking to see if I can find
anything else out to try and resolve these (I'm currently cooking tea, so it's
a bit intermittent at the moment!), but I suspect I may have to report some of
them just so that the problems are recorded/known.



John Horne | Senior Operations Analyst | Technology and Information Services
University of Plymouth | Drake Circus | Plymouth | Devon | PL4 8AA | UK

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