F34 - what happened to Switch User?

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Last week I did my usual command-line upgrade, from F33 to F34.

Most things still work, and some (like the KDE clipboard) work better.

But of course the Applications menu changed radically. It took time for me to find the new places for things, and one thing I never found:

Switch User.

I now find it impossible to start a new session with another registered user. Now the only way to use a secondary user account is to log out, then log in as the secondary. And do the same in reverse when I'm done.

The biggest reason I abandoned GNOME, years ago, was that GNOME did not provide, in its Graphical User Interface, a convenient way to switch users, and have two users logged on at once. KDE did.

Until now.

It used to be on a menu called "Leave." Along with options labeled "Log off", "Sleep," "Hibernate," "Restart," and "Shut Down."

Today all those options, other than "Switch User," appear at the bottom of the applications menu screen. Which is mighty convenient for those other options, but not for Switch User, which is gone.

What am I missing? If Switch User is still there, where did it go?

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