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On 26/04/2021 19:50, Lukas Ruzicka wrote:
I am using Gnome on Wayland and the classical Linux method using
highlight to copy and middle click to paste works, too, however on my computer, I am experiencing the following behaviour:

  * If I highlight and middle click, things work as expected.
  * If I CTRL-C and CTRL-V (with SHIFT) on console, things work, too
  * If I highlight something to copy it, any CTRL-C pressing will overwrite it and both CTRL-V and middle click produce the same result.
  * If I press CTRL-C to copy something, highlighting another piece of text will *not *cancel the first clipboard, so I have basically two clipboards and I can use CTRL-V to paste one thing and the middle click to paste another.

I am not sure, if that is a bug or a feature, but it does not bother me in any way.

Yes, I suppose this old dog will need to learn some new tricks.

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