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On 26/04/2021 18:48, Lukas Ruzicka wrote:
I believe that you do use the CTRL-SHIFT-C when copying from the Konsole window. Using just CTRL-C does not work there in order not to interfere with the process killing trigger.
However, when this happens to me, I usually go for this:

1. Highlight what needs to be copied.
2. Right click above it.
3. Choose Copy to clipboard.
4. Paste it elsewhere.

This has always worked for me. If not, I would report a bug.

OK, this seems to work.  But, it also seems to reveal that there are 2 clip boards in use under

Doing what you suggests does put the text in the systray clipboard and then using Ctrl-V
in Thunderbird does past.  But the "paste" key on my trackball pastes text previously highlighted
within Firefox (for example).

It can be confusing to me to have to remember 2 methods depending on what apps I'm using.
Would be nice if this were unified.

Remind me to ignore comments which aren't germane to the thread.

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