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Il 26/04/21 11:13, Ed Greshko ha scritto:
> I'm testing F34 in a VM trying to accept wayland. I've run into an issue which I hope is
> covered, but can't seem to find a solution.
> I want to copy/paste text from a konsole window into an email being written under
> thunderbird.  I though, maybe, running thunderbird-wayland was the solution but
> it seems not the case.  What I highlight in a konsole window doesn't show up
> in the clipboard on the systray.  So, unable to paste in the email.
> Is there a solution for this?
I had switched to wayland with F33 and I've seen this very often when
trying to copy text from/to Firefox and Thunderbird. I often have to hit
ctrl-c a second time to have the text copied in the clipboard.

I think it's

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