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> I think it's

It very much sounds like that bug. In fact, KDE maintains a list of
"Showstopper bugs"
( and this is
one of them.

There are currently three showstoppers which related to copy&paste
issues under Wayland:

I ran into similar issues when trying to copy&paste things from
Firefox or Google Chrome (both use XWayland by default). The solution
for Chrome was to use the Wayland backend following the instructions
in the Arch Linux wiki
$ google-chrome-stable --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform

I get a feeling that the whole Wayland by default thing in Fedora 34
is not really well tested and has still a lot of rough edges (I have
hit already three of the showstopper bugs listed at the KDE webpage
and switched back to X11 as KDE Wayland is clearly not yet ready for
use in a production environment).

Hope this helps.

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