Re: Fedora33 slow su and ssh due to XAUTHORITY env

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In my case the /tmp/xauth-1002-_0 and /var/run/sddm/xauth_xpDgqp files also have the same content. The ~/.Xauthority is different however. Removing ~/.Xauthority does not appear to have any effect.

In my case I also have "ForwardX11 yes" in .ssh/config as I use X11 apps over ssh quite frequently. Removing that allows ssh to be quick (as expected) although "su -" is still slow.

Note I am using X11 rather than Wayland.

When I downgrade to sddm-0.18.1-8.fc33 the "on-login" konsoles have "XAUTHORITY=/home/terry/.Xauthority" and the R-click konsoles have "XAUTHORITY=/tmp/xauth-1002-_0" and these two files are the same.
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