Fedora33 slow su and ssh due to XAUTHORITY env

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In the last day or so my system has been showing long delays (> 30 secs) when doing a "su -" or "ssh" from an konsole terminal application that has been opened as a manual session setup at KDE startup.

Investigating the konsole has the environment variable "XAUTHORITY=/var/run/sddm/xauth_nsAoIs". Now if you open a konsole from a right hand mouse button click popup on the desktop, that konsole has "XAUTHORITY=/tmp/xauth-1002-_0" and suffers no delays. Opening konsole from the main "F" start menu has "XAUTHORITY=/var/run/sddm/xauth_nsAoIs" and so has delays.

Any ideas on what is going on here ? There was an update to sddm recently ...

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