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This is essentially a rehash of my post yesterday to the elrepo list. I think it might be more appropriate here.

For some time I have been building and running MythTV rpms to run under Scientific Linux, currently version 7.9. This has required some hoop jumping (just a little of it by me) as MythTV has evolved. No doubt I will have to abandon the builds fairly soon, but I would prefer not to do so immediately.

Yesterday the MythTV project reset its minimum version of taglib to 1.11.1, and a bunch of updates depending on that has just been committed.

rpms for taglib 1.11+ (and taglib-devel) are available for CentOS 8 and several other distributions, but the 'current' version in SL7 et al is 1.8-8.20130218git. This is in the core repos, and I understand that other repos cannot provide updates for such packages.

I have not yet tried a personal rebuild of the taglib packages from el8, but is there any possibility that the taglib and taglib-devel in core el7 might be updated?


John P
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