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Adrian Sevcenco ha scritto:
> On 11/3/20 3:25 PM, Luigi Toscano wrote:
>> Adrian Sevcenco ha scritto:
>>> Hi! I tried to open Download new Window Decorations but i have the error:
>>> Loading of providers from file
>>> failed
>>> and any access to goes to an xml with status failed..
>>> If this is a dead feature, shouldn't it be removed?
>> The feature itself is not dead (also because the provider can be changed).
>> It may be a transient issue, or the default URL should just be updated to
>> point to the new one on - but please note and
>> are not handled directly by the KDE community, so only the
>> latter can be solved by KDE sysadmins.
>> In any case, such issues (when they can be reproduced with up-to-date
>> software, as in F33) should be reported to KDE upstream.
> ok, then as soon as the update to f33 is working i will check this out again
> and if the behavior stays i will reported upstream ..
> i believe that this would be the report location, isn't it?

I've asked the KDE sysadmins and I was told this should be reported to people.

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