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On 11/3/20 3:25 PM, Luigi Toscano wrote:
Adrian Sevcenco ha scritto:
Hi! I tried to open Download new Window Decorations but i have the error:
Loading of providers from file

and any access to goes to an xml with status failed..

If this is a dead feature, shouldn't it be removed?

The feature itself is not dead (also because the provider can be changed).

It may be a transient issue, or the default URL should just be updated to
point to the new one on - but please note and are not handled directly by the KDE community, so only the
latter can be solved by KDE sysadmins.

In any case, such issues (when they can be reproduced with up-to-date
software, as in F33) should be reported to KDE upstream.
ok, then as soon as the update to f33 is working i will check this out again and if the behavior stays i will reported upstream .. i believe that this would be the report location, isn't it?


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