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On 16 December 2015 at 21:07, Patrick  マルタインアンドレアス  U
<puiterwijk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
>>  For this purpose and in line with [1], we were thinking of Fedora
>> Globalization steering committee. I have created initial proposal for
>> it. [2]
> Would it instead be an idea to instead of forming a new committee next to the current Internationalization (i18n)
> Fedora subproject, extend that subproject to g11n?

In fact i think that was idea earlier. I18n group is more active with
Fedora development life cycle. Merge two groups under G11N initiative
and synchronise plus points. i.e. More language experts in L10N and
more developers aligned with Fedora development life cycle in i18n.

But after executing it for 6 months, i feel though there are few
points to synchronize, there are also number of different topics which
just required sub-group level attention. More L10N and more i18n

So rather than complete merge of activities, just collaborate on
common requirement points under G11N governance/committee group make
sense. I think that should be goal of G11N steering committee. As
given in proposal, it will have members from respective groups.

> Otherwise, I would personally be a bit confused if I were to contribute to internationalization: would that be the
> i18n subproject, or the g11n subproject (which per definition as far as I understood includes i18n)?

With new structure. We will have full fledges groups i18n, l10n, QE.
Issues required collaboration or higher level attention should get
handled by people with different expertise where G11N group comes into

> I do agree that a steering committee directing this subproject would be a good idea, but I think that the proposal
> is a bit underspecified at this moment: "To drive Fedora globalization by providing governance and community
> activity support for Internationalization, Localization and Zanata group." is a very broad, marketing-sounding goal
> in my opinion, and not very clear.

Agree. I think we need to work further on improving proposal. Added
sentence regarding its Draft status. :)

> What kinds of things do we want the FGSCo to be governing?
> Would that be things like working with QE to add test cases/release criteria, get more contributors, organize
> events, ...?
> Probably best to expand a bit more, especially if you're also planning to raise funds.

+1 I saw Localization steering committee objectives was very well
explained. [1] We need to further work on it.

> Also, I am doubtful whether some of these goals are in order for the g11n team, especially: "Raising funds & Budget planning"
> and "Event planning in region/country". I think we should probably ask help from Ambassadors for these parts, since they
> are supposed to have experience with these kinds of things. And while I realize that a lot of g11n people might be ambassadors,
> I am not sure whether we need another committee responsible for all this.  (note: this is based on some expectations from me regarding
> goals for this committee, see previous point).

Good point. !!
For getting fund/budget for G11N activities, we need to work with
Council, Ambassadors/FAMSco group. I am active Ambassadors from last
one year and learned number of activities get planned during budgeting
process. G11N activities i.e. FAD, L10N sprints are presently missing
from it.

Ambassadors are experts in there country and with the help of
Ambassadors we can try to grow L10N community in respective regions.
We can plan and organize events like L10N sprint specifically in APAC
regions, there is good scope to grow community with such activity.

This is started happening already with different Ambassadors taking
active role in it.

>>  Its open for feedback, please feel free to share other active members,
>> discuss in your respective language groups. This is just initial
>> proposal and i am sure, we can improve and make it more effective with
>> active participation.
> Thank you for getting this process in motion, would be great to see g11n gain more ground in Fedora!

I will rather say thanks for support :)
In present situation G11N will become successful only when we will
have active L10N community, like we had during 2009. We already have
number of active members and i am sure with all, will find way to make
L10N again active.

Pravin Satpute
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