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Le Mer 12 décembre 2012 17:40, Miroslav Suchý a écrit :
> I would like to package Liberation and OverPass web-fonts.
> We have those fonts in Fedora, but only as normal fonts, not as webfonts:
> I did not seen any webfonts in Fedora yet (and neither in Debian). What
> should be best place for those webfonts?

Whatever for? webfonts have only been created as a form of light drm to
induce proprietary foundries to publish their fonts (the weirdest parts of
the OFL stem from the same objective). They are 100 % needless for free
and open fonts. Woff does add you some additional compression, but if
you're not using mod_deflate or similar in your web server nowadays you're
doing it wrong (and mod_deflate will help with the rest of the web page).
Don't let the zippy name induce you to cargo-cult and package the same
thing in countless formats that will all require new package maintenance.

We can't change history now, but I sometimes wonder if bending backyards
with webfonts and ofl was really necessary, or if a clean free/open font
license (with no weird warts) + the pressure of Firefox/Webkit supporting
direct OTF/TTF linking, would not have achieved the same objectives with
fewer dubious leftovers. (but kuddos for SIL and Mozilla, and every one
else involved, for achieving as much and as fast anyway).

Quoting your wikipedia page :

> Linking to industry-standard TrueType (TTF) and OpenType (TTF/OTF) fonts
> is supported by Mozilla Firefox 3.5+, Opera 10+,[13] Safari 3.1+,[14]
> Google Chrome 4.0+.[15] Internet Explorer 9+ will support only those
> fonts with embedding permissions set to installable.[16]

(the ie part is new, MS used to swear it would never support TTF/OTF
linking, but they had to align themselves with the market anyway, in a few
years there won't be left any important browser on the market without
OTF/OFL support).

I'm pretty certain support for most webfont formats will be quietly
dropped before the end of the decade since they don't add much except for
additional smart font code that increases the browser attack surface.

Nicolas Mailhot

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