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OK, as a first step at checking, I've built FontForge 20110222 on F14 and
rebuilt the 42 font packages that BuildRequire it. There may be fonts
added for F15 only that I've missed, but we can pick those up later.

I've dumped all the build logs at

oflb-goudy-bookletter-1911-fonts doesn't use FF at the moment. The spec
file says that this is because of a python failure, so the package just
ships the pre-built OTF.

As far as I can see, none of the others failed to build, though there are
a number of packages which produce warnings:

 FindMatchinHVEdge didn't
 Bad sfd file (glyph width warnings)

 SplinePointListIsClockwise: Found error (multiple times)
 Failed to find NameList: LinLibertine-2.6.8

 MonotonicFindAlong: Never found our spline. (x2)

 FindMatchinHVEdge didn't
 MonotonicFindAlong: Ran out of intersections.

Now I'll go back to F14's FontForge (20100510), rebuild these four and
compare the TTFs.

Paul Flo Williams

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