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Kevin Fenzi wrote:
>> That would be nice but I'd really like the existing font packages to
>> be rebuilt against this version to make sure there is no regression
>> and someone who tries to rebuild a fedora font package with the
>> fedora fontconfig gets the same results as us.
>> And that needs someone to notify package owners, give them the time
>> to rebuild their packages if they want to, rebuild in their stead
>> otherwise.
> Do we have a handly list or workflow for this?
> Would someone be willing to take this on?

repoquery suggests there are 50-odd source packages requiring FontForge. I
don't know how to do this "properly", but as a local test (on F14) I will
build and install rawhide's FF and do this loop

1. yumdownloader --source font.src.rpm
2. rpm -i font.src.rpm
3. rpmbuild -bb pkg.spec

That sounds like something I can leave until cooked, which means it can be
done as regularly as required.

I assume that rebuilding other people's packages is a job for a
provenpackager, so I'll leave that to someone else when we know what the
damage is.

Paul Flo Williams

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