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>>>>> On Tue, 18 Jan 2011 16:56:30 +0900 (JST),
>>>>> "AT" == Akira TAGOH <tagoh@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

AT> Hi,

AT> The improved fonts table is available at:

Updated the page to make it more decorative and
informative. the old page was a bit complicated and less
information even though I've followed up a bit in the
previous mail. so I've get rid of the package name there but
popping up as the tooltip now. also I've added some
decorations to give you a hint why the font package is

There are some suggestions from me for maintainers who
owns packages that:

 * appears as bold and gray-colored name, you may need to
   fix comps or fontconfig config file in the package,
   because it affects the certain language unexpectedly.

 * appears as bold-italic name, you may need to fix comps,
   because it may be supposed to be used as the certain
   alias by default, but it's only enabled for the certain
   language but not for other languages. this would means
   that gives users the different looks for displaying.

 * appears as no decorations but located after any italic
   name, you may want to consider to update comps which
   fonts should be used by default for language. this may be
   more serious than the above case. because given the
   packages that has marked default so far is expected one,
   it won't be used for people who installed with that

 * appears as bold-italic name at the top of list, you may
   also need to consider the above case as well.

 * appears no bold name in any generic names, you may need
   to dicsuss other font maintainers for your language to
   assign any fonts to the missing generic names. or if any
   fonts already has one, please update comps to install it
   by default. for your language at least.

For giving different result I've pointed out in yesterday's
mail, any fixes may be necessary for either of font packages
to change the order of the fontconfig config files perhaps.


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