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>>>>> On Wed, 19 Jan 2011 13:06:25 +0330,
>>>>> "HV" == Hedayat Vatankhah <hedayatv@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

HV> Well, certainly PakType Naqsh is not a proper font for being the default used font for ordinary texts (it is somewhat fancy). This is true at least for Persian (but I think Arabic people are also
HV> agree).
HV> Unfortunately, most usual Persian fonts are in the Forbidden list for ambiguous legal status, so AFAIK there are no suitable packaged fonts to be used instead of DefaVu fonts for sans and mono
HV> families.
HV> And because of this problem (few easily readable packaged fonts for Persian), sil-scheherazade-fonts seems to be a good choice for being default for Persian (I'm just thinking maybe it should be
HV> scaled a little more). Therefore, if any default fonts should be marked default in the fonts group, I think it should be done.

Thank you for the feedback. I'd encourage you to update
comps if sil-scheherazade-fonts is somewhat better than
current result. also IMHO relying on the implicit behavior
may be a bad idea because it's unpredictable and may be
changed in the future. so even if it's not suitable for
serif and monospace but no candidate other than that, that
may be better than nothing perhaps.


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