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Le Ven 19 novembre 2010 16:45, Bob Tennent a Ãcrit :
> The texlive packages that Jindrich Novy has been working on install
> TeX-related fonts under /usr/share/fonts with symbolic links to them
> from the texmf tree. Is this policy mandated by Fedora?


> Here's the problem: with a full texlive installation, one gets hundreds
> of texlive-XYZ sub-directories and thousands of font files. There's
> very little likelihood of any of these being used by any non-TeX
> application,

Quite the contrary, a lot of them are either already packaged system-wide, or
have been requested long ago for packaging by Fedora user (enven though a copy
already existed, hidden in texlive directories)

> yet every use of, say, ps2pdf, is significantly delayed
> by having to search through all of these directories and fonts.

ps2pdf should go through fontconfig to find the fonts it needs. The symlinks
are only there for legacy access, they are not intended (and can not) be

> I've resorted to re-building the ghostscript packages so that
> /usr/share/fonts *isn't* in the default search path.

That breaks quite a lot of i18n requirements, as a lot of i18n fonts have been
in /usr/share/fonts for quite a long time (but gs should access them through
fontconfig anyway, indexing system font files is fontconfig's job)

> Would it be feasible to install the files in the texmf tree with
> symbolic links from /usr/share/fonts? Then a user could remove the links
> from /usr/share/fonts if they didn't want them.

Just don't install the font packages you don't need. Fedora font packaging
guidelines forbig font collection packages so you can choose the fonts you
install at a very granular level.

Nicolas Mailhot

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