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The texlive packages that Jindrich Novy has been working on install
TeX-related fonts under /usr/share/fonts with symbolic links to them
from the texmf tree. Is this policy mandated by Fedora?

Here's the problem: with a full texlive installation, one gets hundreds
of texlive-XYZ sub-directories and thousands of font files. There's
very little likelihood of any of these being used by any non-TeX
application, yet every use of, say, ps2pdf, is significantly delayed
by having to search through all of these directories and fonts. I'd
prefer that *none* of the texlive-XYZ-fonts files were installed under
/usr/share/fonts but the installation policy prevents me from just doing

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/fonts/texlive-*

I've resorted to re-building the ghostscript packages so that
/usr/share/fonts *isn't* in the default search path.

Would it be feasible to install the files in the texmf tree with
symbolic links from /usr/share/fonts? Then a user could remove the links
from /usr/share/fonts if they didn't want them.

Bob T.
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