Re: Unicode-friendly TTF fonts in Fedora and/or EPEL?

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>>>>> On Wed, 20 Oct 2010 23:57:27 +0200,
>>>>> "RS" == Robert Scheck <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

RS> I'm looking for a Unicode-friendly TTF font in Fedora and/or EPEL. At the
RS> moment, we are using "Sazanami Mincho", but users from Japan told us, that
RS> some of the characters would be represented wrong for Japanese, but correct
RS> for Chinese and/or Taiwanese.

Not really. it was based on the machine-generated and
somewhat improved by the hand. but is a poor quality right.

RS> In the end, we need replacements for something like Helvetica (sans-serif),
RS> Times Roman (serif) and Courier (fixed) - with as many characters supported
RS> as possible. It needs to be a *.ttf file, because we have to use ttf2afm(1)
RS> for getting the font into our software.

RS> Beside of that, that font(s) should somehow cover (if possible?) the above
RS> mentioned issue with the same character in JP/CN/TW but with a slightly
RS> different representation depending on the country. Is there a font which is
RS> covering that? Is there maybe one (!) font which is somehow acceptable for
RS> all countries, meaning Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese people - without any
RS> claims by users that some characters are not perfect? "Sazanami Mincho" has
RS> many characters (from what we got), but we've claiming users :(

I'd personally say no because they prefer different
typefaces. though Google Droid fonts may be a candidate for
unified fonts. but I don't like it really. at least it's a
bit far from the modern typefaces for Japanese. FWIW this
efforts are came from Android project though, recently
another better Japanese fonts are available there. this
would means how it wasn't accepted, but anyway.

RS> If it's somehow relevant, because I don't understand JP/CN/TW, the software
RS> is a Enterprise Resource Planning system, that means it's used at business,
RS> at organisations etc. If JP/CN/TW has any characters which are not relevant
RS> to business, the font hasn't necessarily to support them then... ;-)

RS> Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for a font that could fit
RS> our needs? Hope to hear something else than "design your own font" by you.
RS> Maybe we (Fedora) have native speakers for JP/CN/TW, who could help here?

I guess it would be better not think of having only one font
for all of the languages. you could pull an idea from
current default fonts in Fedora. those should be
comprehensively better fonts so far.

RS> Greetings,
RS>   Robert


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