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Le lundi 09 août 2010 à 18:14 -0400, Behdad Esfahbod a écrit :
> On 08/09/10 17:51, Ben Laenen wrote:
> > On the fedora fonts bugs list there just appeared a message that the bytecode 
> > interpreter in freetype was disabled again. Any idea about why this was done?
> During the f13 cycle we enabled the bci in fedora.  However, that caused
> regression with font rendering in Fedora, because when bci is turned on,
> autohinting is disabled by default.  So we turned bci off again.  This week,
> when Matthias updated FreeType to 2.4.2, it turned bci on accidentally (since
> that's the default upstream now), so he just disabled it again.
> We need to find a solution for the regression before we can turn bci on.

The gory details are here:


Nicolas Mailhot

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