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Le vendredi 30 juillet 2010 à 14:45 -0400, TK009 a écrit :

> Here is were I get confused. If I were contact this person and they
> say yes its GPL and never change the metadata how is fedora protected
> from him coming back later and saying they were not GPL? Or is this a
> case of as long as we did our bit we don't really care?

When licensing is stated in a separate web page, or when you get
confirmation in a mail that the licensing is fedora-friendly foo license
when the font metadata states bar license, always package the web page
or the mail as %doc in the package. This way we have a trace we did
check the licensing and didn't invent it from scratch.

Of course, it is better when the font files are fixed so their metadata
says the same about legal conditions, or better yet when they state it
and the licensing text is included as a detached .txt/.pdf file in the
zip/tar.gz they release (because most users will never read the
metadata). However, many authors that can be convinced to switch to a
good licence never bother to change it in their old font files (it is
work that most font users wouldn't care less about). And “professional”
expensive fonts such as Liberation and Droid were distributed by Red Hat
and Google for a few months before people pointed out their contractor
embedded bogus terms in the font metadata. So if big software
corporations can not get it right, who can blame individuals that create
fonts as a hobby?

So please, do not block on what the metadata of a font states. If you
have good reason to believe the font is released under another licence,
treat bogus metadata as a bug, not as a legal problem. A bug should be
fixed (and you can remind politely upstream about it), but is not
blocking unlike a legal problem.


Nicolas Mailhot

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