Is IM Fell free?

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Hans de Goede wrote:
> I noticed Google has recently launched its google font directory. As part of
> this they have negotiated the opening up of various previous not completely
> open fonts. Here a list of fonts which we have not yet packaged, and which
> are not on the wishlist either:
> [...]
> IM Fell by Igino Marini (10 families)
> Digitization of various 17th century fonts

Are the IM Fell fonts free software?

When I look at the Google font pages for IM Fell fonts each page says 
that face is licensed under SIL Open Font License, 1.1 which is a free 
software license.

But when I look at the homepage for IM Fell:

I see the following license:

> This font is a nearly free font. You can use it freely but:
> 1. If you want to use it in publications on any kind of media you
> have to put in the following quote as a note: «The Fell Types are
> digitally reproduced by Igino Marini.» and let
> the designer know where you used it.
> 2. You can’t change the font and its contents (including outlines,
> kerning and other data as well).
> 3. You can distribute it freely with license aside but not sell it in
> any way. Any other different use has to be authorized by the
> designer.

Which strikes me as clearly non-free (usage notification in clause 1, 
immutability in clause 2, and prohibition of commercial distribution in 
clause 3 are all non-free).

As best as I can tell the licensing situation is: IM Fell fonts as 
distributed by Google's font directory are free, licensed under SIL Open 
Font License, 1.1.  The same fonts as distributed by Igino Marini are 
not free.

Is this your understanding as well?

Has anyone contacted Igino Marini about this, possibly asking for 
relicensing under SIL Open Font License, 1.1?

I did not notice anything in any of the subcategories of

discussing the IM Fell font family, hence I'm asking here.

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