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Le Mer 14 avril 2010 16:40, Jaroslav Reznik a écrit :

> It's a little more complicated - it's not only one particular font application
> depends but this happens with custom installation. Looks like in this case it
> leads to system that does not have any fonts installed at all (as it's handled
> by comps group and probably not through RPM deps resolving). So the question
> is - how to assure that the system has at least one usable font (with custom
> installation)?

Really, it's the same this as with other default comps groups. Dependencies
are not explicit. If you write a custom kickstart that does not include the
default groups, apps will fail. There is nothing inside the packages to make
sure you install every bit in default groups. If you create a custom
configuration that do not include them (or part of them), you have to be ready
for breakage.

I suppose we could rename @fonts to @base-fonts to make the point clear to
people writing kickstart files (they do not complain when they remove base-x
and things go south, but they complain about @fonts), but that would not be so
great for other users.

Another solution would have the tools that generate kickstarts to add a
comment at the start of the file that states the default groups the distro has
been tested with.

Nicolas Mailhot

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