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2010/2/3 "Arne Götje (高盛華)" <arne@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Instead of releasing single font files for all those languages which use the same script in slightly different variations, you could release a single .ttc file which includes all those fonts, but saves space, since most of the glyphs are the same in all those languages.

looks interesting,
i have made some apple font suites long time back but not done anything w.r.t. ttc (dont know is it same ;))

If you need help on how to do this, ask me.

need to test it once before adding in tree, your help is welcome :)
Does fontforge support it?
It will be if you can give one example of this


Language codes are possible, but most software cannot deal with that.

That is the problem, but i think it will happen soon
<LANG> tag have so much importance in language sharing same script, like Arabic code page support more than 6 lang.
and some characters have different variations as per language

Pravin S
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