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Hi folks!

I've been having a conversation with Mårten Nettelbladt over email
lately. He is the creator of the freeware font Miso:


We've been discussing the possibility of Mårten relicensing Miso under a
Fedora-compatible font license. Mårten is amenable to such a license,
but he very rightly has a concern about some issues with the font he'd
like to correct before spreading the font far and wide with such a
license. He doesn't have the time, however, to work much on the font
anymore so he needs some help in getting them fixed. I think he would be
doing us a great favor to open up the font license, so if we can chip in
and help him out we can help each other.

I was wondering if anyone on the list would be willing to help address
these issues, or even just provide instruction that I or someone else on
the Fedora design team could use (since we are not experts on these
points of fonts) to address them ourselves? 

Here are the issues Mårten raised that he'd like help addressing - does
anyone have ideas on how to do any of these? (Some of these are
suggestions he's gotten from users - are they the right way to do it?
E.g., the otf file naming suggestion?)

- The OTF file to all lower case and use the same base name
for the regular as in the TTF files. This would result in miso-reg.otf,
miso-bol.otf and mis-lig.otf.

- For fontconfig (which is used on Linux) it would be better the family
and style for the light font would be slightly altered. This would
result in "family=Miso Light" and "style=Regular", in stead of
"family=Miso" and "style=Light" because most of the software only
recognizes Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic and does not know how
to make a Light available. Unless, it would be available as "Miso Light
~ Regular".

- Provide URL Vendor in the OTF and TTF metadata for all fonts.

- Provide PANOSE metadata, see
http://panose.com/ProductsServices/pan1.aspx . Especially Family Kind
(2) Serif Style (15) would greatly improve selection of this font via
tools like fontmatrix.

- Offer an Italic and Bold Italic for Miso and an Italic for Miso Light.
Probably for such a type, these will be simply slanted. However, when
you do it (instead of a fake italic which is slanted with a default
value of the software using your type) you are able to control the angle
of the italic versions.

- Also, the TTF-files are the originals and they were converted to OTF
by someone. Some people have reported trouble with the spacing of "c"
"John" said: (http://www.omkrets.se/miso-spotted/#comment-117) 
using true type resolve problem also in xpress - So,  that would have to
be fixed as well, perhaps just a new conversion, or create OTF files
directly from the font software. I used TypeTool and it didn't have that

This font is a very attractive-looking font, good for use in logos, and
I think this is a great opportunity to add a nice openly-licensed font
to Fedora. Even if you don't have the time to help us fix these, if you
know what we can do to fix them, sharing that expertise with us would be
a big help.


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