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>>>>> On Wed, 23 Dec 2009 00:14:26 +0100,
>>>>> "NM" == Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

NM> Wondeful! If you want commit access to fontpackages to have it
NM> integrated with our other tools, just ask (if the licensing is OK with
NM> you)

Sure. that sounds nice :)

NM> LGC roughtly means latin-like alphabetical scripts that are written
NM> linearly with few ligatures, and those that exist optional (not indic,
NM> not arabic, not cjk…) Also an unofficial requirement for those scripts
NM> is to be from regions where people are familiar enough with latin
NM> letters not to butcher them when they include them in fonts

So I guess the language coverages of
ISO-8859-{1-5,7,9,10,13-16} may works similarly right?

NM> Those ranges are inherited from the fontconfig master file split that
NM> occured a few years ago upstream. I'm not so sure that nowadays they are
NM> the most appropriate.

I see. I don't mind which ranges should be used. my point
here is to have a bit more strict prioirty-sets to apply the
fontconfig config files efficiently.

NM>                       We've certainly started pushing a lot more
NM> fontconfig files that upstream thought at the time, and are hitting many
NM> limitations (layout that was supposed to be flexible enough to allow
NM> customization, but is not really because of the files that have kept
NM> long font lists). If you try to split the non-latin file, for example,
NM> you quickly hit prefix starvation.

Correct if it's spent randomly. I didn't mean that
though. and that's also why I'm suggesting to have more
clearer definition in the policy to not make more
breakage. at least to avoid it in Fedora.

I'm at the position where to have minimum-sets of the
configuration in upstream. which doesn't mean to have a
starter kit nor all-in-one. but just leave to each fonts
packages to have one. generally speaking, ideally if a kind
of the font installer can create/install the certain
fontconfig configuration file into the system, that would be
really nice.  once we have more strict policy we could have
that feature perhaps.

NM> you quickly hit prefix starvation. However, that's just MHO. Other
NM> people may not share it. But please keep an open mind and do propose
NM> another file naming convention if you find a better one. I think that
NM> the main requirements would be to

NM> 1. clearly define the ranges a local sysadmin, a distro, and fontconfig
NM> upstream fallbacks should use
NM> 2. try to separate classes of fonts to minimize risks of conflicts (like
NM> the current lgc/non lgc split)
NM> 3. make locale appear when it is relevant
NM> 4. make the font names appear in filenames so people do not need
NM> grepping to locate where the rules associated with their font are

Sure. that looks sane.

NM> I don't think using comps brutally will work :

NM> 1. currently we do not have separate comps groups for every
NM> fontconfig/css generic, fontconfig and apps really want a separate font
NM> stack for each generic (though this could be fixed by splitting the
NM> master fonts comps group)

NM> 2. sometimes our requirements are a lot more subtle than
NM> mandatory/default : dejavu and liberation are both default, but their
NM> ordering is not random

I see. so what's the _default font_ means in the policy
then? I was assuming if it's available at the system. thus,
focusing attention on comps then though.

Anyway, if we have obvious definition for that, I'm fine
then. possibly everything goes into the higher priority will
messes up you know. this is the main reason why I'm trying
to make the font packages better, making the fontconfig
configuration files machine-auditable to reduce the

NM> However I can only applaud trying to improve our fontconfig packaging,
NM> and writing qa tests: this is sorely needed, if we want to continue
NM> improving Fedora font support.

NM> Best regards,

NM> --
NM> Nicolas Mailhot


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