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On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 22:42 +0100, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le lundi 09 février 2009 à 21:20 +0100, Martin Sourada a écrit :
> > Well, not exactly, but yeah, in a sense it's similar. But don't forget
> > we need to target more platforms than fedora or *nix.
> You can always bundle the fonts separately for non *nix users.
Well, you can but while it makes the situation easier for the end user,
it still requires them to install the fonts and I'm not sure if that is
reasonably working on windows machines if the user does not have admin

> > > > than requiring your users to either find it themselves and
> > > > install it
> > > 
> > > Fedora 11 will have automatic font installation for every app that cares
> > > to support it.
> > > 
> > Is it already in rawhide?
> The autoprovides generation is. Though it still needs to be tweaked
> before the F11 mass rebuild
Thanks for the info.

> > If so, should I file bugs if say firefox does
> > not display some fonts on wikipedia title page and does not fire any
> > auto-installation dialog?
Great, is there a bug for webkit filled as well? I can do that if that's
not the case.

> Does not help a lot the next sub group. Yes japanese → language1 →
> language2 subbing happens pretty often in the anime community
Yep, it happens a lot, but in my experience the next subbing group is
usually redoing the typesetting as well so I wouldn't call it a big
issue ;-)

> > Legal issues are harder to solve, but at least in
> > fedora the fonts range is getting, thanks to your efforts, very
> > promising.
> Also please note that all the GPL fonts that do not explicitely declare
> the FSF fonts exception are safe wrt CSS-like referencing but *not*
> embedding.
Good point. Are there any efforts in 'fixing' those issues?

> > > BTW, we already ship fonts like Tiresias which were explicitely designed
> > > for video titling.
> > > 
> > Cool, is there a (wiki) page with font previews/coverage? Or do I still
> > need to skim through Fonts group, install whatever seems like it would
> > fit my needs and than test what I installed?
> Right now, we don't have a preview system in Fedora :(
That's a pity :(

> > It would definitely be
> > useful for people looking for specific design/unicode coverage.
> Font preview generators and how to embed previews in static wiki
> pages/PK are being discussed in the open font library list right now.
> The need has already been identified, but someone needs to do the coding
> work. Then I believe PK integration would follow quickly.
> It's the obvious next step after building a reasonable font package
> base.

Sounds promising. The idea of having it displayed in packagekit sounds
even better than a wiki page with previews, though having both would be
best (you can afford to include more details in wiki + you can do more
fine-grained sort by unicode blocks coverage / language support).

BTW. would it be worth making a feature page for these (and targeting it
at F11 or F12)?


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