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Le lundi 09 février 2009 à 21:20 +0100, Martin Sourada a écrit :

> Well, not exactly, but yeah, in a sense it's similar. But don't forget
> we need to target more platforms than fedora or *nix.

You can always bundle the fonts separately for non *nix users.

> > > than requiring your users to either find it themselves and
> > > install it
> > 
> > Fedora 11 will have automatic font installation for every app that cares
> > to support it.
> > 
> Is it already in rawhide?

The autoprovides generation is. Though it still needs to be tweaked
before the F11 mass rebuild

> If so, should I file bugs if say firefox does
> not display some fonts on wikipedia title page and does not fire any
> auto-installation dialog?

> > > or being satisfied with a fallback font (which might not
> > > satisfy the artistic concerns that led you to the choice of the original
> > > font).
> > 
> > Artistic concerns are fine and dandy but they usually sink on the legal
> > and i18n icebergs. Which I think the anime crowd at least cares about.
> > 
> Well, when you choose a font for a sub, you usually check if it covers
> your characters usage.

Does not help a lot the next sub group. Yes japanese → language1 →
language2 subbing happens pretty often in the anime community

> Legal issues are harder to solve, but at least in
> fedora the fonts range is getting, thanks to your efforts, very
> promising.

Also please note that all the GPL fonts that do not explicitely declare
the FSF fonts exception are safe wrt CSS-like referencing but *not*

> > BTW, we already ship fonts like Tiresias which were explicitely designed
> > for video titling.
> > 
> Cool, is there a (wiki) page with font previews/coverage? Or do I still
> need to skim through Fonts group, install whatever seems like it would
> fit my needs and than test what I installed?

Right now, we don't have a preview system in Fedora :(

> It would definitely be
> useful for people looking for specific design/unicode coverage.

Font preview generators and how to embed previews in static wiki
pages/PK are being discussed in the open font library list right now.

The need has already been identified, but someone needs to do the coding
work. Then I believe PK integration would follow quickly.

It's the obvious next step after building a reasonable font package

> PS: maybe it would be better to forward this thread part to the -fonts
> list should there be any further discussion, I am subscribed there so
> you won't need to CC me.

Done :)

Nicolas Mailhot

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