Re: Help request about hinting dev (Liberation Fonts).

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On Monday 09 February 2009, Caius Chance wrote:
> > Tools and documentation are listed at
> >
> >
> > About xgridfit: I'm not really a fan of it. I think it may be
> > usable for hinting completely new fonts, but I wouldn't start using
> > it on an existing font.
> Could I know the reason why?

Basically because it never convinced me it actually would make things 
easier and wouldn't just add an extra layer of complexity and 
compatibility issues.

> > My hinting work is basically only done with the help of fontforge
> > and gwaterfall.
> If you are available, it would be fantastic if you briefly tell me in
> 10 -15 steps?

What do you want to know exactly?


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