Re: Help request about hinting dev (Liberation Fonts).

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Hi Ben,

Ben Laenen さんは書きました:
Well, I'm not from the fedora community, but I've got experience from the hinting in the DejaVu fonts.

Even better! :D

- Which free hinting tools are available other than fontforge?

Tools and documentation are listed at

About xgridfit: I'm not really a fan of it. I think it may be usable for hinting completely new fonts, but I wouldn't start using it on an existing font.

Could I know the reason why?

My hinting work is basically only done with the help of fontforge and gwaterfall.

If you are available, it would be fantastic if you briefly tell me in 10 -15 steps?

- Where could I find resources of hinting instructions? Precisely,
full specs of hinting instructions, such as parameter explanation of
all hinting instructions

Thomas Sailer gave me few valuable URLs just now, too:

- If a CVT table has no comments on each value, do I have to do
reverse engineering and how should I begin?

Yes, you'll have to do some reverse engineering. It takes a considerable amount of time, since you basically have to read the hinting of a lot of glyphs.

Your goal is to get a table of values you may encounter in normal glyphs (and that for each style). lists it for DejaVu and many fonts have values for the same things in their CVT so gives an idea what to expect in Liberation.

Good to confirm that with you, so I could start the reverse engineering.

Here we go then :-)
When I'm online, find me at #dejavu or ##fonts on IRC if you have questions.

Thanks for your kind offer. :)

Best Regards,

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