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Dear all,

Yesterday I took the time to find the current address of a well-known
Georgian font creator, Besarion Paata Gugushvili. Our current Georgian
support is rather limited: one set of glyphs in Dejavu, and nothing else
(This set was created by the very same author BTW). Imagine using the
same font all day long everywhere :(

Some of his other fonts had long found their way in other major
distributions (Mandriva, OpenSuse, Debian, Ubuntu…), at a time Fedora
was largely ignoring this problem-space, but there was no public
licensing statement of his part on any of his web sites. Which meant we
could not just lift the files from the internet, and package them to
reach Georgian support parity with others.

So took the time to write the author a long nice mail asking to confirm
the licensing. I didn't expect much, this kind of request usually takes
ages to be answered, and the answer is usually not the one we'd like
(when we don't hit language barriers).

Anyway this time the reply was awesome:
1. less than 9 hours later (most of them night I'm sure)
2. a *new* font pack release (not the old files everyone else ships)
3. with *new* fonts (not just updates of the fonts everyone else ships)
4. with a clear licensing statement on the author web site (not a
third-party site like before)
5. and adding the FSF font exception to the GPL statement (people who
tried know how hard it is to get this one usually, many font authors
just don't understand the need)

So, Fedora would seriously suck if we took ages to package those fonts
now. Or if other distros beat us to it. Unfortunately, I'm a *tad* busy
right now, and can't possibly work on it short term.

Therefore, I'm doing a public call on Fedora lists, for someone to
package those, and prove Besarion Paata Gugushvili was right to trust

All the relevant technical information is here:

Let's rock!

Best regards,

Nicolas Mailhot

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