Lost in translation: font policy ambiguous regarding localization groups

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Having just renamed two character-rich fonts, I was planning to add
them to relative xxx-support groups when I found that I really don't
know what the fonts policy means there. Quoting from

* Font packages in a non-legacy format (TTF or OTF): [...]
  2. SHOULD also be registered in every applicable xxx-support
localization group:
    * except groups that only require glyphs in the basic latin range.

What does "the basic latin range" mean here? Does it mean all the
characters in the Unicode range U+0000..U+007F, which Unicode calls
"Basic Latin", and everybody just calls ASCII? Or does it mean
U+0000..00FF, which according to Unicode is called "Basic
Latin+Latin-1 Supplement"?

Even when I take the extended definiition, looking at the existing
comps file for F11, it seems that the following languages need glyphs
outside that range, and still list not a single font in the
xxx-support localization group. I have listed some of the extra
characters they need too:

* Afrikaans: U+0149
* Bosnian: U+0106, U+010C, U+017D
* Catalan: U+013F, U+0140
* Esperanto: U+0108, U+011C, U+0124
* Finnish: U+0160, U+017D
* French: U+0152, U+0153, U+0178

The list goes on. The source of needed glyphs come from *.orth files
in fontconfig. In fontconfig's source tree, they are in the fc-lang

I think we really need to reword that part of the policy. We need to
mention how to find the glyphs needed for each language (from
fontconfig? CLDR?), how to find the languages a font supports (is
there a fc-list command line argument?), and redefine (and reword)
"groups that only require glyphs in the basic latin range" to make
sure everyone gets the same meaning from it.


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